Frequently Asked Questions


Why are your packages so afforable?

We launched this promotion to commemorate the launch of our new Instagram account and Telegram channel. Promotional package price is for decisive couples who can take up the package within 24 hours and promotion may end anytime without prior notice.

What is PWS, AD, MUA, HMUA, PG and VG?

PWS = Pre-Wedding Shoot

AD = Actual Day

MUA = Makeup Artist

HMUA = Hairdo & Makeup Artist

PG = Photographer

VG = Videographer

Why is the package price more expensive when I exclude certain items?

Further discount is applied when your package includes gown, suit, makeup and photography. When you exclude one or more of the above-mentioned items, no further discount is applied and this is why the package price is higher.

What happen if I downgrade or cancel the package?

Free upgrades and perks are given based on your total spending. When you downgrade or cancel the booking, free upgrades and perks that are not used will be forfeited. Free upgrades and perks that are used will be billed accordingly. As per our Terms of Service, you are still liable to pay the full amount of the package price if you cancel the package and even if you did not use any of the services at all.


For downgrades, any reduction in package price is granted out of goodwill and given on a case-by-case basis. The price deduction of each service or item will not be at 100% of the cost price and it will be capped at 50% of the cost price.


For example: If bride’s makeup & hairdo cost $200 and you wish to remove it after package is confirmed, the price deduction will be capped at $100 max. And depending on when you send us your removal request, the price deduction amount may be lower than $100. This is because the vendor had already set aside their time for you and rejected other better paying jobs, so they will be compensated accordingly.


In some situation, the package price may become higher when you remove certain item or service and you will need to topup.

Can I still book if my wedding date and venue are not fixed?

Yes you can! You may let us know your wedding date and venue once it’s confirmed and there’s no penalty for changing of wedding date too! Book early to avoid inflation as our prices go up every year!

Why should I book early?

Booking early offers you many benefits. Our popular vendors always get booked more than one year in advance. Why settle for second best when you can get the best for your money? Apart from this, you get to enjoy great savings too! Book early to avoid inflation because our prices increase every year!


If you don’t know where to start, you should book your photographer/videographer early because they can suggest the best studio to get your gowns, the best venues to hold your wedding, the best places to take pre-wedding photos, the best solemniser for your ROM and even help you plan your itinerary too! They are like your wedding planner and you can ask them anything!

Is there any hidden cost?

No. There is no hidden cost and all our prices are nett.


Our external partners may impose additional surcharges or fees, which are not made known to us, at their own discretion. We do not cover such costs but we will help you to swap out the assigned vendor if you are not willing to pay the fees.

How much is the album and wall canvas?

Prices depends on a variety of factors like quality, number of pages, size etc. Prices for album and wall canvas start from $250 onwards. We do give away album and wall canvas free for certain packages.

How can I enjoy the Same-Day Booking price?

50% deposit must be made within 24 hours after the package detail is sent to enjoy our Same-Day Booking promo price. Our very best price is reserved for decisive couples only.

Can you give further discounts?

Our Same-Day Booking price is the best price. Discounts or freebies are given on a case-by-case basis and only if your total spending exceeds $5000.

When will vendors contact me?

We liaise with most of the vendors on your behalf so you can focus on more important matters. Contact information of makeup artist/photographer/videographer will only be provided between 1 to 7 days before event due to the following reasons:


  1. Chances of having changes are very low nearer to event date.
  2. We may offer free upgrades and assign higher tier vendors to you if they are available within 1 to 3 days before your event.


Contacts of all professionals will be emailed to you and you are free to reach out to them for further discussions.

How early is considered an early bird?

Early bird price is for wedding date that is at least 6 months ahead from the date of your enquiry.

Can I use some services/items in the package on a different date?

No. All services/items in the package must be used on the same day. Each package is for one wedding event date only.

Does your package include albums and prints?

We do not include albums and prints in our packages due to very low demand and also because we wish to keep our prices competitive. We do provide albums and wall canvases if you need. Please contact us to enquire.

What's the cost breakdown of the entire package?

We do not provide cost breakdown of the entire package because the final package price is calculated based on the number of items/services you include in the package before applying a heavy discount based on the final package amount.


Generally if you remove an item from the package, you may not get any or very little reduction and the package price may become more expensive. This is because the price of the item(s) removed is not enough to cover the price increase of other items based on ala carte pricing.


Example: If you remove a men suit from our most popular $598 package, the package price will become $818 instead.

How does the payment work?

A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the package price is required to confirm the booking and balance will be paid one day before event date. Note that we are not obliged to provide any services on the event date if full payment is not received promptly.

I'm keen. How do I confirm the package?

A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the package price is required to confirm the booking and balance will be paid one day before event date.

Can I use the package for ROM, Pre-Wedding or Actual Day?

Yes, you can use the package for ROM solemnisation, Actual Day or Pre-Wedding (Indoor, Outdoor and/or Studio) as long as all the items and services you need for your wedding event is included in the package.


Each package is for one wedding event only and all items and services must be used on the same date.

Can I use the package items on different dates?

Each package is tied to one event date and all items must be consumed/used together within the same day.


You can use one package for your ROM, Pre-Wedding and Actual Day if all these events fall on the same day.


Otherwise, you would need to buy one package for each event.

Any transaction fees for credit card?

We absorb all transaction fees if you choose to pay by credit card!

How much is the early morning surcharge for bridal car driver?

Early morning surcharge for bridal car driver is $80 per hour before 7am.

Appointment Booking

Do I need to make an appointment?

Yes. Appointment is required for viewing and fitting.

Do I need to pay to book a slot?

No. Appointment booking is free of charge.


However if you failed to turn up for a confirmed appointment without prior notice, a refundable deposit of $50 will be required to book the next slot. $50 will be refunded after you showed up for your next appointment.

I tried to book a slot but it's unavailable.

Bookings are based on first come first serve basis. If the slot you wish to book is unavailable, please select another available slot.

Is waitlist a confirmed booking?

You can register yourself on waiting list if there are no available slots for the day. Waiting list is not a confirmed booking. You will received a confirmation email whenever your booking is successful.

Where are you located?

Our admin office is located at Clarke Quay and the studio is located at Bugis near Bencoolen area. It’s just 4mins drive and 12mins walk from Bugis MRT.


Exact address will be given one day before your appointment. Due to covid crowd control measures, we hope to avoid having couples turning up way before their appointment. If you show up before your appointment date and time, we reserve the right to refuse entry and release your slot to the next couple on the waiting list.

How long is each slot?

Each slot is for one hour only. No extension will be granted if you are late. If you need more time, you can book a slot for another day. One hour per day only so as to give other couples an opportunity to try the outfit.

How many people can I bring along?

You can bring up to 4 person excluding you for the appointment.

Is there a limit to how many gowns can I try?

You can try as many gowns as you wish within one hour.

Can I take photos and videos of the gowns and suits?

Yes you can take photos and videos of the gowns and suits during your appointment.

Can I discuss the packages when I'm there?

Each slot is for one hour only and it is strictly for viewing and fitting of gowns and suits. Discussion of packages will not be entertained. You can Whatsapp your co-ordinator before or after your session to discuss about the packages.

Will you hardsell during my appointment?

No! We do not hardsell during your appointment. The appointment is strictly for viewing and trying of gowns and suits. We do not discuss about packages during your appointment.

Gowns and Suits

Do you have an online catalogue of gowns, suits and kua?
What is rental off the rack?

It means to pick a wedding gown or suit straight off the bridal studio’s catalogue, without having any changes made to it at all.

Does the package include entire gown collection?

Yes, you can pick a gown from our entire collection within the same category.

Can I alter the gown to fit my size?

Yes, you can alter the gown to fit your size for an additional $150 if you have a package with us or $380 if you don’t. A lead time of 2 months must be given. Your measurements will be taken before we proceed.

How many days can I rent the gowns and suits for?

For essential category gowns, rental is for 3 days. For premium designer gowns, rental is for 3-5 days.

When can I collect my gowns and suits?

You can collect your gowns and suits one day before your wedding event. Collection is strictly by appointment only. Please contact your co-ordinator to book a slot.

Do I need to pay a deposit for collection?

A refundable security deposit of 50% of rental value will be collected for each rental item brought out during collection. Security deposit is to be paid by cash or PayNow only. If credit card is used for security deposit payment, 3% credit card surcharge applies. Upon returning of items, security deposit will be refunded provided the items are not damaged. Damaged items will be charged at cost price.

Can I rent the gowns and suits for use overseas?

Yes you can. Please check with us on the rates for additional rental day.

Does your package include alteration and laundry?

Our gowns are mostly corset back which can fit from size S to XL depending on the design. But if alteration is needed, alteration cost is not included in this package. You can alter the gown in the $598 package for an additional topup of $150. Laundry service is included in the package.


Alteration and laundry services are included for premium designer gowns.

What is the gown and suit rental procedure?

Collection is done one day before or on your actual day.


Either return on the same day after event or return on the next day.

Can I reserve the free tiara, veil and artificial bouquet?

No, reservations are not allowed for complimentary items. You can choose from the items that are available when you collect the outfits.

Who will collect the gown and suit?

You will collect the gown and suit yourself. If you are busy, you can also arrange for collection via Grab Express yourself.

What should I do after collection?

It is your responsibility to check on the items collected for correctness of size, colour, and style to ensure that all rental/purchase of items are correct, complete and in good condition. You will be held liable for any damages or bad conditions reported 8hrs after you have collected the items or if you reported the issues during or after your event.

When must I return the items?

Rented items must be returned one day after your wedding event between 10am to 8pm from Mon-Sun. Any delay in returning of items will be charged at $100 per day. Any damage or stubborn stains will be charged at a rate determined by The Aurora Wedding and its affiliated partners.

Makeup and Hairdo

Do I get to choose my makeup artist?

We will assign the makeup artist (MUA) based on their availability upon receiving your booking confirmation. You may let your co-ordinator know about your preferences so he/she can assign the right professional to you.


All our MUAs are very experienced but if you are worried, you can request for a trial makeup for a small fee. 

Does the package include ampoules and lashes?

No. Unless otherwise stated, ampoules is $30 per bottle and lashes is $20 per pair. This is to be paid directly to the MUA.

Can I view the MUA portfolio?

Yes, you can check out our works  here.

Will MUA come to my preferred location?

Yes. MUA can do the makeup and hairdo at your preferred location without any additional charges, unless otherwise stated.

How will the MUA be assigned?

One MUA will be assigned to one location.

What is no-follow?

No follow means the makeup artist will leave after makeup and hairdo is done and will not stay throughout your wedding event.

How much is the follow fee?

Unless otherwise stated, the follow fee for MUA is $50 per hour and minimum 3hrs required. Follow starts right after makeup is done and it’s only available for pre-wedding package only.

How long is the makeup & hairdo for bride?

It takes around 1.5 to 2 hours for bride makeup and hairdo. However, when a situation calls for it, our very experienced MUA can finish the work within one hour without compromising on the quality. They are trained to handle such situations due to unforeseen circumstances.


You may request for the makeup and hairdo to be completed within a shorter time period.

How long is the makeup & hairdo for non-bride?

It takes around 1 hour for non-bride makeup and hairdo.

How much is the Early Morning Surcharge?

Early morning surcharge is $50 per hour before 7am unless stated otherwise. This is to be paid directly to the MUA.

How much is the ampoules and lashes?

Usual rate for ampoules is $30 per bottle and lashes is $20 per pair. However this cost may vary as it depends on the makeup artist. Please check with your MUA when it’s being assigned to you.

Can I do my makeup at studio?

Makeup and hairdo at studio is only for studio photoshoot. If your photoshoot is outside of the studio, you have to provide a location for the makeup artist to do her work.

Are there different tiers for makeup artist?

The base packages are fulfilled by the Associate Team. You may choose to upgrade to other tiers (Senior Associate or Director if you wish. The tiers represent the seniority of the makeup artist ranging from Associate (1-2 years experience) to Founder (11-15 years experience).

How much is the trial makeup?

Type of Trial Makeup

1. Try before you decide to engage the MUA. – $250 (can be arranged anytime)


2. To discuss about the look you want for your event. Make do with the MUA that we assign. – $120 for makeup and hairdo or $80 for makeup only. To be arranged 2 to 3 weeks before event.


Let us know which option do you prefer.

Photography & Videography

Are there different tiers for photographer and videographer?

The base packages are fulfilled by the Associate Team. You may choose to upgrade to other tiers (Senior Associate, Director and Founder) if you wish. The tiers represent the seniority of the Photographer/Videographer, ranging from Associate (1-2 years experience) to Founder (11-15 years experience).


Here’s what higher tier professionals can offer:

  1. Their extensive experience makes them ideal to capture wedding moments that could have been missed by someone without the same level of expertise.
  2. Skills and knowledge to capture the perfect wedding moment throughout the day.
  3. Ability to work with a wide range of lighting and high quality equipment.
  4. Experience in working with a variety of wedding venues and know how to make the most of the available space to create the perfect shots.
  5. Vast collection of ideas and poses to try, as well as the ability to improvise and adjust when needed.
  6. Highly engaging and they can bring a lot of fun and excitement to your special day.
  7. Provide tips and advice on how to get the most out of your wedding shoot and ensure that the day runs as smoothly as possible.

With them around, your wedding day will never go wrong!

Do I need to provide transport?

You are required to provide transport for the photographer and videographer when moving from one location to another. Transport cost of $150 to cover the duration of photoshoot will be imposed otherwise.

If you are shooting at just one location, you do not need to provide any transport as the photographer/videographer will meet you at the location themselves.

Ensuring that the photographer and/or videographer travels and arrives at the destination together with you is crucial. This arrangement allows for immediate and uninterrupted photography and/or videography upon arrival. It eliminates the risk of missing precious moments due to challenges like finding a parking spot or arriving late because of unforeseen car-related issues. It works in your favor to provide transport to the professionals and they typically follow the couple in bridal car or following car.

Who own the rights to the photos?

At The Aurora Wedding, we inherently retain the copyright ownership of all photographs captured during your special day. We understand the importance of privacy and discretion, and we are committed to addressing your privacy concerns with the utmost consideration and tailor our services to meet your individual needs. We invite you to engage in a detailed discussion with us regarding any privacy stipulations you may wish to incorporate.

How are my photos edited?

All packages come with Basic editing service, which include white balance and exposure correction.

We do not change face, smoothen skin, make body slim, remove/add people, modify your body parts,  change sky or perform anything outside the scope of our editing services as described above. If you need our specialised retouching services, it will be charged at $120 per photo.

How many photos can I get?

We are obliged to deliver photos at a rate of 30 to 50 photos per hour. This is the minimum photos that you will get back and under normal circumstances, you will usually get more photos. We do not put a limit on the number of photos we are going to take on your wedding day.

How soon can I get my photos & videos?

Standard processing time for edit is 4 to 8 weeks from your event date or the date the balance payment is made, whichever is later. 

The popularity of the photographer/videographer and peak wedding season will affect the processing time and in some instances, it may take longer than 2 months. We typically return many more photos than the norm too and every photo is carefully treated with our unique and complex post-processing workflow. 

Express Edit Surcharge of $258 will apply if you wish to get your photos back within 14 days. Only fully edited jpeg photos will be returned.

We are a very busy company and many couples have engaged us before you and they are also waiting patiently for their photos/videos, and we process them based on first come first serve basis. You may consider using our Express Edit service if you need your photos back urgently.

Do I get 8hrs long video for 8hrs videography coverage?

You will not get 8hrs long video if you engage our videographer for 8hrs. The same will apply for other coverage (2hrs or 4hrs for example). That’s because our videographer uses professional DSLR cameras to capture your wedding moments and not a CCTV camera. Other issues like overheating will also limit the continuous recording time. Our videographer will not be recording any video when he is moving from one location/spot to another. You will receive footages recorded at short intervals that’s being used in the express highlight or full length edited video (up to 1 hour max), whichever is applicable.

What is a photo montage video?

Photo montage video is a slideshow video of your wedding day. Once all the photos are delivered, you can select up to 50 images for us to compile it into a slideshow video. You may also send us a link to the song that you wish to use in the video.


Photo montage video is not the same as Same-Day Edit video.

Why the photos look different on different devices?

All photos and videos are edited using professional softwares and a calibrated monitor to ensure color accuracy. Please check your device’s manual to troubleshoot the issues.

Can you recommend a good solemniser?

The secret to great looking ROM photos lies in our list of top-tier solemnisers. All these solemnisers know us and our photography style and we guarantee your ROM experience will be amazing and memorable. We are not affiliated with the solemnisers and we do not earn any commissions from them.

How does the coverage work?

Photography/videography coverage is a continuous coverage. Means it includes traveling time, changing time and short break times in between etc.

The shoot starts when the professional arrives at your preferred location and will continue until the end of the agreed time. 

For Actual Day (Dinner Banquet) photoshoot that is 8 hours and above, you may split the coverage into morning and evening session. Take a 10hrs Actual Day wedding for example, you can get the professional to shoot for 6hrs in the morning and 4hrs in the evening.

No splitting is allowed for Luncheon.

For coverage above 8hrs, a reasonable break time must be given to the photographer/videographer as they are also human and they need to rest, eat, and re-charge so they can continue to provide quality service and coverage.

Does coverage include makeup time?

Photographer/videographer will start at your preferred time and location.

Coverage will include makeup time if you ask the professional to start during your makeup time.

On the same note, coverage will not include makeup time if you ask the professional to start after your makeup is done.

How many hours do I need for my ROM?

1 hour – For ROM held at ROM building.

2 hours – For ROM held at external venue.

3 to 5 hours – For ROM held at external venue with banquet.

How many hours do I need for my Pre-Wedding?

1 hour – For studio shoot only.

1 to 2 hours – 1 location, 1 outfit.

3 to 4 hours – Up to 2 locations, up to 2 outfits.

5 to 6 hours – Up to 3 locations, up to 3 outfits.

6 to 8 hours – Up to 4 locations, up to 3 outfits.


Note: You can do a mixture of studio/indoor/outdoor shoot if the coverage is 2 hours and above.

How many hours do I need for my Actual Day Wedding?

Here’s a typical full day chinese AD wedding activities.


Morning Makeup – Up to 30mins (includes before and after you changed into gown.)

Gatecrash preparation, wedding details, putting on of veil and family group shots – Up to 30mins.

Gatecrash – Up to 1 hour.

Groom fetch bride – Up to 30mins.

Groom’s house tea ceremony – Up to 30mins.

Bride’s house tea ceremony – Up to 30mins.

Outdoor shoot – Up to 1 hour.

BREAK TIME for photographer and videographer. Only applicable for dinner banquet.

2nd Makeup & hairdo – Up to 30mins.

ROM – Up to 30mins.

Banquet – Up to 3 hours.

Minimum 8 hours and above for a full day wedding coverage. Excludes traveling time and the delay in between events.

Do I get outdoor shoot for my ROM/Actual Day Wedding Package?

Outdoor photoshoot during ROM or Actual Day is a weather-permitting activity and it must be done on the same day as the wedding.

If weather permits, we can do a short outdoor photoshoot of up to 30mins (without videographer) or 45mins (with videographer) during your ROM or Actual Day wedding.

In the event of bad weather, the outdoor shoot will be cancelled and any unused coverage will not be refunded. Many nice indoor locations need to pay and/or apply permit in advance. For this reason, we strongly encourage you not to allocate too much time on outdoor shoot and keep your itinerary flexible.

What happens to unused hours?

Unused hours will be forfeited and no refunds will be issued.

What if it rains on my Pre-Wedding shoot?

We strongly encourage you to shortlist indoor locations during your planning in case of bad weather. Note that most nice indoor locations need to pay and must be booked in advance.

Is there additional fee for night shoot?

For night outdoor shoot (after 6pm), there will be an additional fee of $300 because the photographer / videographer will need to carry more equipment and only skilled professionals are able to shoot under low light conditions to produce the best quality photos/videos. This fee is only applicable for pre-wedding packages. For Actual Day packages, we will assess the situation on a case-by-case basis.

Do you provide studio shoot service?

Yes, we do.

Do you help to apply photoshoot permit?

Permit must be applied by you.

What is Documentary recording?

By default, the videographer will not record your church wedding, ROM and/or wedding speeches in full. If you need these events to be record in full, additional $150 is required.

What is Same-Day Edit service?

Same-Day Edit video is essentially a wedding trailer of your wedding day and the video is edited by the videographer to be played during the wedding banquet itself, usually before your 2nd march-in. A lead time of around 4 to 5 hours is required.

If you need the highlight video to be played next day during your wedding, it is still considered as a Same-Day Edit video.

One highlight video is included in the default package and you will only receive one highlight video. Same-day edit service is to produce that one highlight video during your wedding day instead of you having to wait up to 8 weeks for it. If you need another final edited video to include your march-in, wedding speeches etc. there will be a topup of $350.

What is the lead time required for Same-Day Edit?

We require a lead time of 4-5hrs for Same-Day Edit.

Do I need to provide any meal or seat for photographer?

This is applicable to luncheon or dinner banquet event with 4hrs and above coverage.

There is no need to allocate seating for our photographer and videographer at your event.

However, we kindly ask that you arrange for a vendor meal through your venue. It’s important for our professionals to refuel so they can continue to capture your event with energy and focus.

Can I choose my photographer and videographer?

For basic package that is fulfilled by Associates or upgraded for free, you cannot choose your photographer/videographer.

We will assign the photographer and videographer based on your itinerary, preferences and their availability upon receiving your booking confirmation. You may let your co-ordinator know about your preferences so he/she can assign the right professional to you.

You may also consider upgrading the professionals to a Senior Associate and above so you can choose your preferred photographer and videographer.

If any of our professionals are unable to fulfill their duties due to clashes in schedules, illness, or unexpected family emergencies, then we will select the most qualified professional available to take over. All of our professionals are experienced, certified and can be trusted to create work of the same quality.

The Aurora Wedding makes no guarantee that the requested professional will be assigned to your wedding.

If I select a photographer for my wedding, does that mean he/she is confirmed for my date?

We will do our utmost to ensure your preferred photographer is available for your date; however, should they not be available due to scheduling conflicts, illness, or family emergencies, we will select the most suitable replacement. Fortunately, our large team of photographers has never caused us to encounter a manpower shortage for weddings yet! *crosses fingers*

Are there other charges I should be aware of?

Split-day charge of $300 will apply if you request to split the usage of the photography/videography hours over separate days.


Coverage before 7am for photography/videography is chargeable at $80/hr.


For night outdoor shoot (after 6pm), there will be additional fee of $300 because the photographer / videographer will need to carry more equipment and only skilled professionals are able to shoot under low light conditions to produce the best quality photos/videos. This fee is only applicable for pre-wedding packages. For Actual Day packages, we will assess the situation on a case-by-case basis.


There is also a festive charge of $350 for weddings on eve of Public Holidays and Public Holidays.


Standard processing time for edit is up to 2 months. Express Edit Surcharge of $258 will apply if you wish to get your photos back within 14 days.


Other fees and surcharges imposed by vendors that are not made known to us will not be covered by the package. We will assist you to swap out the vendor if you do not wish to pay the fee.

Cancellations and Refunds

Why must I pay full amount if I cancel my booking?

This is because the photographer and MUA have already set aside their time for your wedding date and they had stopped accepting bookings and rejecting jobs because they are committed to your wedding event. Just as you do not wish the professionals to cancel on you last minute because they’ve accepted another better paying job on your wedding date, the professionals would expect you to be fully committed on the booking too.

They should be fully compensated if you cancel your booking.

The same reason apply for gowns and suits and other vendors too.

Can I get a refund on my deposit?

We are fully committed to good and fair business practice. All purchases come with a 3 calendar days cooling period and if you are not happy with your purchase, you may request for a refund within 3 calendar days from the date you made the payment. Refund, if any, will be based on the amount we received, less any transaction fees and any payments that’s already made to the vendors.

Cooling period does not apply if your deposit made is less than 50% of the package amount.

All deposits and payments made are fully non-refundable after cooling period is over and you will be liable for the full amount even if you did not use any of the services at all. This is to compensate for the non-refundable deposit that we have made to secure the vendors for your booking.