How Much Does a ROM Package Cost in Singapore? An In-depth Analysis

With Singapore’s modern skyline serving as a backdrop, the city-state has become a popular destination for romantic solemnisations and registrations of marriages (ROM). However, as any couple would know, the lead-up to that special day is often accompanied by a plethora of decisions, one of which includes selecting the perfect ROM package.

In our exploration, we break down the individual components of a typical ROM package in Singapore – the wedding gown, the men’s suit, the bride’s makeup and hairdo, and the quintessential one-hour wedding photography session.

1. Wedding Gown: Elegance has its price. Across the bustling bridal boulevards of Singapore, renting a wedding gown can set you back anywhere between S$500 to S$2,000, with design intricacies and brand prestige playing influential roles.

2. Men’s Suit: Suits speak volumes, and in Singapore, the range is as diverse as its skyline. Rentals can start from a modest S$200 and escalate to S$600 or more, especially if one seeks that custom-tailored finesse.

3. Bridal Makeup and Hairdo: Accentuating the bride’s beauty requires artistry. In Singapore, a makeup session oscillates between S$350 to S$800, with the palette and expertise of the artist shaping the price.

4. One-hour Wedding Photography: Memories fade, but photographs endure. In Singapore, ensuring you capture those fleeting moments with a professional photographer can range from S$300 to a premium S$600.

Discovering Value Amidst the Costs: Collating even the conservative ends of these price ranges, the sum veers close to S$1350. Venturing towards the mid-range, and the tally can soar to around S$4,000.

Yet, amidst the myriad options, some packages resonate not just for their price, but for their holistic offering. For instance, there are curated packages that seamlessly bring together a wedding gown, men’s suit, bridal makeup, and photography for a package price that is surprisingly modest compared to the individual components. Such bundles, when crafted thoughtfully, don’t just save costs but ensure a harmonious blend of services tailored to the couple’s needs.

Pro Tip for Wedding Couples: While weighing your options, it’s worth noting that there are hidden gems in the market where you can get all of the above for just S$888. Such packages not only present immense savings but also eliminate the stress of dealing with multiple vendors. Click here to find out more.

In conclusion, embarking on the ROM journey in Singapore is as much about choices as it is about celebrating love. While options are aplenty, discerning couples often find value in packages that encapsulate quality, convenience, and affordability, making their special day truly enchanting.

Note: The mentioned prices provide a general overview and may vary based on specific vendors and market dynamics.