Introducing Singapore's first High Quality Real Milky Way Photography Services

Brought To You By #1 Astrophotographer in the world

With over a decade of astrophotography experience

With Over A Decade of astrophotography experience

To Bring You Never-Before-Seen High Quality Images of Our Milky Way

Say goodbye to light pollution with our amazing Milky Way photography services

That's Obscured by Extreme Light Pollution in Singapore

Say goodbye to light pollution with our amazing milky way photography services

And Discover Singapore In a Whole New Light

There's only one catch. It won't be easy.


We can’t shoot the Milky Way when moonlight is present. This leaves us with just 2-3 weeks of opportunity to shoot the Milky Way every month.


Clear sky is required to capture the elusive Milky Way, which unfortunately does not happen often. Fret not as our proprietary tools can overcome this issue and increase the success rate of every photoshoot attempt.

Milky Way Position

Milky Way’s appearance and angle in the night sky depends on the date and time of the shoot. To get the best composition, we need to research on the best date and time to conduct the photoshoot.


Not all nice locations in Singapore are facing in the direction of the Milky Way galaxy. We’ll bring you to our secret spots you never knew existed!


Since the appearance of the Milky Way changes throughout the year, your photoshoot can take place anytime between after sunset and before sunrise.

Last Minute Changes

No weather forecast is 100% accurate and this is why last minute arrangements are common and last minute cancellations are inevitable.

But that's what makes Singapore Milky Way images rare and exclusive

Worldwide Coverage on Our Rare Singapore Milky Way Images

Why sit around when you can be part of the rarest photoshoot in Singapore?

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